Calocera & Tremella.

Basidiomycota > Order Dacrymycetales > Family Dacrymycetaceae.
There are 10 genera including Calocera and Dacryopinax.
They form masses of yellow to orange, branched or lobed fruiting bodies on wood.

Calocera sp.
Some resemble a jelly fungus and others a Club or Coral fungus.

Dacryopinax sp.
Usually seen in clusters, sometimes dense, on dead wood.
The gelatinous fruiting bodies, up to 2.5 cm high, are yellow to orange.
They are spatula shaped with a rounded base which flattens towards the top.

Basidiomycota > Order Tremellales.
There are 8 families with a total of about 300 species.
Tremellaceae has 18 genera with about 250 species.

Tremella sp.
They grow out of crevices in bark but are not living on the wood as all are parasitic on the
    mycelium of wood-rot fungi.
When fruit bodies are produced, they are always gelatinous, and typically brightly coloured.
The fruiting body is 5-150 mm across, cushion-like, lobed, folded or leaf-like.