Amanita mushrooms

Amanita vaginata.

Commonly known as the Grisette.
A fairly common, solitary or scattered mushroom.
The cap is up to 6-10 cm wide, convex then flattening with age.
The marginal striations are about 1 cm long.

Younger specimens have whitish to pale brown patches from the universal veil.
Older caps are dry, smooth and grey, sometimes with brownish areas.

The cylindrical stalk is up to about 10 cm high.
It has fine, white fibrils or powdery scales.
The basal white volva may break up or be totally underground.

Gills are white, close and free of the stalk.
Spore print is white.

There are a few other Amanita species that resemble A. vaginata and they are often
    collectively referred to as the Aminata vaginata complex.