Coprinellus disseminatus

Coprinellus disseminatus.

Synonym Coprinus disseminatus.

Grows in clusters or large masses.
Caps to 10-20 mm across on a 35 mm stem.
They are fragile, hard to handle, thin and appear almost translucent.

Young caps ovate with minute hairs.
Older caps are dome or bell-shaped and smooth.
Caps are white or cream, then greyish-brown with a yellow-brown central disc.
The cap is finely grooved.

The gills attach to the top of the stem.
Gills are white, age to brown then black but do not auto-digest. (Some species do.)
Spores are a purple-black.

The bare stems are white and hollow and up to 3 cm tall.
There are minute hairs but no veil.

Coprinellus and Coprinopsis need microscopy to differentiate them.