Ascomycota > Lecanoromycetes > Pertusariales > Pertusariaceae.

Pertusaria has over 500 species of crustose lichens known as wart lichens.

The thallus surface may take various forms – thick or thin, smooth or with various degrees of cracking or wrinkling.

It may be greyish-white, yellowish-white, a pale greyish green, or brown.

There are no isidia or soredia but there are numerous wart-like apotheca up to 1.5 mm across.

The apotheca may be:

  1. immersed in small wart-like mounds of stroma with small openings on the top for spore release or
  2. lecanorine apotheca on the thallus with the thalline margin the same colour as the thallus.

Among Queensland species P. hermaka and P. thiospoda have a greenish thallus.