Ascomycota > Pezizomycotina > Sordariomycetes > Sordariales.

Fruit bodies in the Order Sordariales are mostly flask-like peritheca less than 1 mm high.
They can be scattered or form compact groups.
When crowded thay may look like a white crust.

They are found on dead wood and any cellulose-rich substrate.
They occur in scattered or compact groups and the individual fruiting bodies are less
    than 1 mm high.

Fruiting bodies (ascomata) are numeous, usually lying close to each other but not fused.

Young ascomata of various species are round or oval, with a black papilla at the apex.

They have a covering of minute, white, yellowish or pale pink matted hairs.
With age this layer becomes compressed to form a thin, cream, brown, orange-brown or grey
    coating which eventually wears off revealing the underlying shiny, black ascomata.

The hairs may spread at the base forming a pale crust between the ascomata.