Ochnaceae – Ochna family.

Ochnaceae when broadly defined has about 32 – 40 genera and 550 to 600 species.
Numbers vary as some put a few of the genera in other families.

Plants are mostly shrubs or small trees.
The alternate leaves, on stalks and with stipules, are mostly toothed.

Inflorescences are terminal or axillary.
Flowers, mostly in clusters, have 4 or 5 (10) free sepals and petals.
There are 5, 10 or many stamens and sometimes staminodes.
The ovary of 2 – 14 carpels is superior.
There is 1 style with stigmas depending on the number of carpels.
Fruit types include drupelets, capsules and berries.
The genus Ochna has about 85 species.