Asphodelaceae s.s. and s.l.

Like the Amaryllidaceae, the Asphodelaceae have undergone a number of changes in classification
    being either loosely (s.l.) or strictlyl (s.s.) defined.

The latest AGP4 classification.

The loosely defined Asphodelaceae s.l. is a family in the Order Asparagales.
It is divided into 3 subfamilies:

  • Asphodeloideae is the old family Asphodelaceae s.s.
    Genera include Aloe, Haworthia and Knophofia.
  • Hemerocallidoideae is the old family Hemerocallidaceae.
    Genera include Dianella, Geitonoplesium, Hemerocallis, Stypandra and Thelionema.
  • Xanthorrhoeoideae is the old Xanthorrhoeaceae.
    It contains only the Xanthorrhoea genus.

Just to make things more complicated some people still use Family Xanthorrhoeaceae s.l.
    instead of Asphodelaceae s.l.

s.s. is sensu stricto – strictly defined.
s.l. is sensu lato – loosely defined.

I will put all the genera under Asphodelaceae s.l. but in the notes for each will give the subfamily they are in.