Family Asphodelaceae > Subfamily Asphodeloideae.
The classification of Haworthia is not resolved with estimates of 60 to 150 species.
Difficulties include the number of hybrids and large variations within a single species.
Their leaves also resemble some small aloes.

Generally they are small succulent, solitary or clumping plants.
They form basal rosettes of leaves but a few species have stems to 50 cm high.
The rosettes can be from 3 cm to 20 cm in diameter.
Some have soft leaves with ‘windows’ through which light can reach the deeper tissues.

However most have tough, fleshy, dark green leaves.
Leaves, even in a single species, show marked variations.
Their colour varies with the amount of light, water etc.
When stressed the leaves are red or purple.

Unbranched inflorescences are usually small but can be up to 40 cm high.
Flowers among the species are similar being small, tubular and white (or pinkish).
They may have brown or green lines on the 6 tepals.
The fruit are small capsules.