Plant Index

This is a list, not hyperlinked of all the plants on the site and where to find them.

Botanical name Common name Section Family
Abrus precatorius Crab’s eyes Core Eudicots Fabaceae s.s.
Acalypha hispida Red hot Cat’s Tails Core Eudicots Euphorbiaceae
Acalypha reptans Kitten’s Tails Core Eudicots Euphorbiaceae
Acalypha wilkesiana Copper leaf acalypha Core Eudicots Euphorbiaceae
Acalypha wilkesiana ‘Marginata’ Acalypha cultivar Core Eudicots Euphorbiaceae
Acca sellowiana Pineapple guava, Feijoa Core Eudicots Myrtaceae
Adenathera pavonina Red Bead or Curly Bean tree Core Eudicots Mimosaceae
Adenium obesum Desert Rose Core Eudicots Apocynaceae
Adiantum hispidulum Rough Maidenhair fern Pteridophytes Adiantaceae
Adiantum raddianum Delta Maidenhair fern Pteridophytes Adiantaceae
Agapanthus African Blue lily, lily-of-the-Nile Monocots Amaryllidaceae s.l.
Agathis atropurpurea Queensland Kauri Pine Gymnosperms Araucariaceae
Agathis robusta Kauri Pine Gymnosperms Araucariaceae
Agave americana Century plant Monocots Asparagaceae
Agave americana ‘Alba’ Century plant cultivar Monocots Asparagaceae
Agave americana ‘Marginata’ Century plant cultivar Monocots Asparagaceae
Agave americana ‘Medioptica’ Century plant cultivar Monocots Asparagaceae
Agave attenuata Elephant’s trunk Monocots Asparagaceae
Agave parviflora Agave Monocots Asparagaceae
Agave potatorum ‘Cubic’ Agave Monocots Asparagaceae
Albizia lebbeck Silk tree Core Eudicots Mimosaceae
Albuca bracteata Pregnant Onion Monocots Asparagaceae
Aleurites moluccanus Candlenut Core Eudicots Euphorbiaceae
Allamanda blanchetti Purple trumpet Core Eudicots Apocynaceae
Allamanda cathartica Yellow allamanda Core Eudicots Apocynaceae
Allamanda schottii Bush allamanda Core Eudicots Apocynaceae
Allamanda williamsii Double yellow allamanda Core Eudicots Apocynaceae
Allium sp. Onions Monocots Amaryllidaceae
Allium ampeloprasum Leeks Monocots Amaryllidaceae
Allium cepa Common onions Monocots Amaryllidaceae
Allium fistulosum Spring onion Monocots Amaryllidaceae
Allium sativum Garlic Monocots Amaryllidaceae
Allium schoenoprasum Chives Monocots Amaryllidaceae
Alloxylon flammeum Queensland Waratah Basal angiosperms Proteaceae
Alocasia brisbanensis Conjevoi Monocots Araceae
Alocasia sanderiana Kris plants Monocots Araceae
Aloe arborescens Krantz Aloe Monocots Asphodelaceae
Aloe juvenna Tiger tooth aloe Monocots Asphodelaceae
Aloe maculata (A. saponaria) Soap Aloe Monocots Asphodelaceae
Aloe striata x A. maculata Coral aloe hybrid Monocots Asphodelaceae
Alpinia caerulea Native ginger Monocots Zingiberaceae
Alpinia calcarata Snap ginger Monocots Zingiberaceae
Alpinia galanga Galangal Monocots Zingiberaceae
Alpinia purpurata Red ginger Monocots Zingiberaceae
Alpinia zerumbet Shell ginger Monocots Zingiberaceae
Alstroemeria cultivars Alstroemeria Monocots Alstroemeriaceae
Alstroemeria psittacina Peruvian lily, Princess lily Monocots Alstroemeriaceae
Alyxia ruscifolia Chain fruit, native holly Core Eudicots Apocynaceae
Amaryllis sp. Belladonna, Naked Lady Monocots Amaryllidaceae s.l.
Amorphophallus bulbifer Corpse flower Monocots Araceae
Amorphophallus paeoniifolius Elephant Yam Monocots Araceae
Anemia phyllitids Fern Pteridophytes Anemiaceae
Anemone coronaria Crown anemone Early Eudicots Ranunculaceae
Anemone hupehensis Anemone Early Eudicots Ranunculaceae
Angiopteris evecta Giant tree fern Pteridophytes Marattiaceae
Annona montana Wild Custard apple Basal angiosperms Annonaceae
Annona muricata Sour Sop Basal angiosperms Annonaceae
Annona squamosa Custard apple Basal angiosperms Annonaceae
Anomatheca laxa See Freesia laxa Core Eudicots Iridaceae
Anredera cordifolia Madeira vine Core Eudicots Basellaceae
Antigonon leptopus Coral vine Core Eudicots Polygonaceae
Anthurium spp. Flamingo flower Monocots Araceae
Aquilegia cultivars Columbine, Granny’s bonnets Early Eudicots Ranunculaceae
Arachniodes aristata Prickly shield fern Pteridophytes Dryopteridaceae
Araucaria bidwillii Bunya Pine Gymnosperms Araucariaceae
Araucaria columnaris Cook Pine Gymnosperms Araucariaceae
Araucaria cunninghamii Hoop Pine Gymnosperms Araucariaceae
Araucaria heterophylla Norfolk Isl Pine Gymnosperms Araucariaceae
Argemone sp. Prickly or Mexican poppy Early Eudicots Papaveraceae
Aristea ecklonii Blue Stars, Blue-eyed iris Monocots Iridaceae
Aristolochia elegans Dutchmans’s pipe Basal angiosperms Aristolochiaceae
Aristolochia grandiflora Pelican flower Basal angiosperms Aristolochiaceae
Arundo donax Giant reed grass Monocots Poaceae – Grasses
Asparagus sp. Asparagus Monocots Asparagaceae s.l.
Asparagus aethiopicus Basket asparagus Monocots Asparagaceae s.l.
Asparagus africanus Orange fruited climbing asparagus Monocots Asparagaceae s.l.
Asparagus densiflorus Asparagus fern, Foxtail fern Monocots Asparagaceae s.l.
Asparagus macowanii Pom-pom asparagus Monocots Asparagaceae s.l.
Asparagus officinalis Garden asparagus Monocots Asparagaceae s.l.
Asparagus plumosus Climbing asparagus Monocots Asparagaceae s.l.
Asparagus virgatus Broom asparagus Monocots Asparagaceae s.l.
Asplenium australasicum Birds nest fern Pteridophytes Aspleniaceae
Asplenium bulbiferum Hen & chicken fern Pteridophytes Aspleniaceae
Astrophytum ornatum Star cactus Core Eudicots Cactaceae
Atractocarpus sp. Native Gardenia, Mangosteen Core Eudicots Rubiaceae
Atractocarpus sessilis Randia Core Eudicots Rubiaceae
Austromyrtus dulcis Midgen berry Core Eudicots Myrtaceae
Averrhoa carambola Star fruit Core Eudicots Oxalidaceae
Azolla filiculoides Red Water Fern Pteridophytes Salviniaceae
Babiana stricta Babiana Monocots Iridaceae
Bambusa lako Timor Black bamboo Monocots Poaceae- Bamboos
Bambusa oldhamii Oldham’s bamboo Monocots Poaceae – Bamboos
Bambusa ventricosa Giant Buddha’s Belly bamboo Monocots Poaceae – Bamboos
Bambusa vulgaris cv. vittata Golden Common bamboo Monocots Poaceae – Bamboos
Banksia coccinea Scarlet Banksia Early Eudicots Proteaceae
Banksia integrifolia Coastal banksia Early Eudicots Proteaceae
Banksia oblongifolia Dwarf banksia Early Eudicots Proteaceae
Banksia robur Swamp banksia Early Eudicots Proteaceae
Banksia serrata Old man banksia Early Eudicots Proteaceae
Banksia spinulosa Hairpin banksia Early Eudicots Proteaceae
Barklya syringifolia Crown of Gold Core Eudicots Caesalpiniaceae
Barleria albostellata Grey Barleria Core Eudicots Acanthaceae
Barleria cristata Philippine violet Core Eudicots Acanthaceae
Barleria cristata ‘Alba’ & ‘Lavender lace’ Cultivars Core Eudicots Acanthaceae
Barleria oenotheroides (B. micans) Yellow Barleria Core Eudicots Acanthaceae
Barleria repans Red Barleria Core Eudicots Acanthaceae
Basella alba Ceylon or Malabar spinach Core Eudicots Basellaceae
Bauhinia corymbosa Climbing Bauhinia Core Eudicots Caesalpiniaceae
Bauhinia divaricata Pom-pom orchid tree Core Eudicots Caesalpiniaceae
Bauhinia galpinii Red orchid bush Core Eudicots Caesalpiniaceae
Bauhinia monandra Orchid tree Core Eudicots Caesalpiniaceae
Bauhinia tomentosa Yellow bauhinia Core Eudicots Caesalpiniaceae
Bauhinia variegata Bauhinia Core Eudicots Caesalpiniaceae
Bauhinia x blakeana Hong Kong orchid tree Core Eudicots Caesalpiniaceae
Bauhinia yunnanensis Yunnan bauhinia Core Eudicots Caesalpiniaceae
Bignonia (Sariteae) magnifica Purple funnel vine Core Eudicots Bignoniaceae
Blechnum cartilagineum Gristle fern Pteridophytes Blechnaceae
Blechnum wattsii Hard water fern Pteridophytes Blechnaceae
Brachychiton sp. Brachychiton Core Eudicots Malvaceae
Brachychiton acerifolius Illawarra flame tree Core Eudicots Malvaceae
Brachychiton bidwillii Kurrajong Core Eudicots Malvaceae
Brachychiton rupestris Qeensland bottle tree Core Eudicots Malvaceae
Brugmansia & cultivars Angel’s Trumpets Core Eudicots Solanaceae
Brunfelsia americana Lady of the Night Core Eudicots Solanaceae
Brunfelsia australis Yesterday, today & tomorrow Core Eudicots Solanaceae
Brunfelsia australis ‘White Magic’ Cultivar Core Eudicots Solanaceae
Brunfelsia undulata Brunfelsia Core Eudicots Solanaceae
Bryophyllum delagoense (Kalanchoe delagoensis) Mother of Millions Core Eudicots Crassulaceae
Bryophyllum fedtschenkoi (Kalanchoe) Lavender Scallops Core Eudicots Crassulaceae
Bryophyllum gastronis-bonnieri (Kalanchoe) Donkey ears Core Eudicots Crassulaceae
Bryophyllum pinnatum (Kalanchoe) Resurrection plant Core Eudicots Crassulaceae
Buckinghamia celsissima Ivory Curl Early Eudicots Proteaceae
Buddleja madagascariensis Orange Buddleja Core Eudicots Scrophulariaceae
Buddleja davidii cultivars Buddleja Core Eudicots Scrophulariaceae
Caesalpinia ferrea Leopard tree Core Eudicots Caesalpiniaceae
Caesalpinia pulcherrima Dwarf poinciana Core Eudicots Caesalpiniaceae
Caladium Angel wings Monocots Araceae
Callisia elegans Striped inch plant Monocots Commelinaceae
Callisia fragrans Purple succulent Monocots Commelinaceae
Callisia repans Creeping inch plant Monocots Commelinaceae
Callitris baileyi Cypress pine Gymnosperms Cupressaceae
Callitris intratropica Callitris Gymnosperms Cupressaceae
Calodendrum capense Cape Chestnut Core Eudicots Rutaceae
Campsis radicans Trumpet vine Core Eudicots Bignoniaceae
Canna indica Wild Canna lily, arrowroot Monocots Cannaceae
Canna indica cultivars Wild canna lily cultivars Monocots Cannaceae
Cardiospermum grandiflorum Balloon vine Core Eudicots Sapindaceae
Carica papaya Pawpaw or papaya Core Eudicots Caricaceae
Carissa macrocarpa or grandifolia Natal Plum Core Eudicots Apocynaceae
Carissa macrocarpa ‘Desert Star Natal Plum cultivar Core Eudicots Apocynaceae
Cassia fistula Golden shower tree Core Eudicots Caesalpiniaceae
Cassia grandis Pink shower tree Core Eudicots Caesalpiniaceae
Castanospermum australe Black Bean Core Eudicots Fabaceae s.s.
Catharanthus roseus Pink Periwinkle Core Eudicots Apocynaceae
Cattleya Alliance Cattleya, Laelia Monocots Orchidaceae > Epidendreae
Centradenia sp. Centradenia Core Eudicots Melastomataceae
Ceratopetalum gummiferum N.S.W. Christmas bush Core Eudicots Cunoniaceae
Chloris gayana Rhodes grass Monocots Poaceae – Grasses
Christella subpubescens ‘Keffordii’ Fern Pteridophytes Thelypteridaceae
Cinnamomum camphora Camphor laurel Basal angios Lauraceae
Cissus rotundifolia Cissus Core Eudicots Vitaceae
Citharexylum spinosum Fiddlewood Core Eudicots Verbenaceae
Clitoria ternatea Blue or Butterfly Pea Eudicots Fabaceae s.s.
Clivia sp. & miniata Natal lily, Bush lily Monocots Amaryllidaceae
Clytostoma (Bignonia) callistegioides Lavender trumpet vine Core Eudicots Bignoniaceae
Coffea arabica Coffee Core Eudicots Rubiaceae
Commelina diffusa or cyanea Blue Commelina Monocots Commelinaceae
Commelina lanceolata Queensland wandering sailor Monocots Commelinaceae
Commelina benghalensis (2) Hairy commelina Monocots Commelinaceae
Commersonia bartramia Brown Kurrajong Core eudicots Malvaceae
Commersonia salvifolia Sage-leaved Commersonia Core eudicots Malvaceae
Consolida (Delphinium) Larkspur Early Eudicots Ranunculaceae
Convallaria majalis Lily of the Valley Monocots Asparagaceae
Conyza canadensis Canadian horseweed Core Eudicots Asteraceae
Conyza canadensis var. pusilla Horseweed Core Eudicots Asteraceae
Crinum bulbispermum Crinum Monocots Amaryllidaceae s.l.
Crinum pedunculatum Spider lily, Swamp lily Monocots Amaryllidaceae s.l.
Crocosmia Crocosmia Monocots Iridaceae
Cuphea hyssopifolia False heather Core Eudicots Lythraceae
Cuphea ignea Cigar plant Core Eudicots Lythraceae
Cuphea llavea Red cuphea Core Eudicots Lythraceae
Cuphea llavea ‘Sriracha Violet’ Red cuphea cultivar Core Eudicots Lythraceae
Cupressus cashmeriana Weeping or Kashmir cypress Gymnosperms Cupressaceae
Cupressus sempervirens “Stricta” Cypress pencil pine Gymnosperms Cupressaceae
Cuscuta campestris Dodder, Strangleweed Core Eudicots Convolvulaceae
Cyanotis somaliensis Pussy Ears, Blue Ears Monocots Commelinaceae
Cyathea cooperi Cooper’s or Scaly Tree Fern Pteridophyte Cyatheaceae
Cycas Sago Palms Gymnosperms Cycadaceae
Cydonia oblonga Quince Core Eudicots Rosaceae
Cymbidium Boat orchids Monocots Orchidaceae > Cymbidieae
Cyrtanthus Fire lily Monocots Amaryllidaceae
Cyrtomium falcatum Japanese holly fern Pteridophytes Dryopteridaceae
Dampiera Dampiera Core Eudicots Goodeniaceae
Datura metal ‘Fastuosa’ Devil’s Trumpets Core Eudicots Solanaceae
Davallia sp. Fern Pteridophytes Davalliaceae
Davallia denticulata Fern Pteridophytes Davalliaceae
Davidsonia pruriens Davidson’s plum Core Eudicots Cunoniaceae
Delonix regia Poinciana Core Eudicots Caesalpiniaceae
Delphinium Larkspur Early Eudicots Ranunculaceae
Dendrobium bigibbum Cooktown orchid Monocots Orchidaceae> Dendrobieae
Dendrobium discolor v. broomfieldii Antelope orchid Monocots Orchidaceae> Dendrobieae
Dendrobium gibsonii Orchid Monocots Orchidaceae> Dendrobieae
Dendrobium gracilicaule Leopard orchid Monocots Orchidaceae> Dendrobieae
Dendrobium nobile Nobile orchid Monocots Orchidaceae> Dendrobieae
Dendrobium speciosum Sydney rock orchid Monocots Orchidaceae> Dendrobieae
Dianella brevipedunculata Dianella Monocots Asphodelaceae s.l.
Dianella caerulea Blue Flax lilies Monocots Asphodelaceae s.l.
Dianthus barbatus Sweet William Core Eudicots Caryophyllaceae
Dianthus caryophyllus Carnations Core Eudicots Caryophyllaceae
Dianthus chinensis China or Rainbow Pinks Core Eudicots Caryophyllaceae
Dianthus chinensis var. heddewigii Dianthus cultivar Core Eudicots Caryophyllaceae
Dianthus gratianopolitanus “Coral Reef” Pinks Core Eudicots Caryophyllaceae
Dianthus plumarius Pinks Core Eudicots Caryophyllaceae
Diascia Twinspurs Core Eudicots Scrophulariaceae
Dichorisandra thrysiflora Blue ginger Monocots Commelinacee
Dicksonia antarctica Soft Tree Fern Gymnosperms Dicksoniaceae
Dietes bicolor Yellow wild iris Monocots Iridaceae
Dietes grandiflora Large wild iris Monocots Iridaceae
Dietes iridioides Wild iris Monocots Iridaceae
Dillenia indica Elephant apple Early eudicots Dilleniaceae
Dioon Large wild iris Gymnosperms Zamiaceae
Doodia sp. Rasp ferns Pteridophytes Blechnaceae
Doryanthes excelsa Spear lily, Gymea lily Monocots Doryanthaceae
Doryanthes palmeri Giant spear lily Monocots Doryanthaceae
Drynaria rigidula Basket or Oakleaf Fern Pteridophytes Polypodiaceae
Duranta erecta Duranta, Pigeon berry Core Eudicots Verbenaceae
Echinocactus grusonii Golden Barrel cactus Core Eudicots Cactaceae
Echinopsis calochlora Hedgehog or Sea urchin cactus Core Eudicots Cactaceae
Echinodorus grandiflorus Echinodorus Monocots Alismataceae
Encephalartos cocinnus Encephalartos Gymnosperms Zamiaceae
Encephalartos ferox Encephalartos Gymnosperms Zamiaceae
Encephalartos sclavoi Encephalartos Gymnosperms Zamiaceae
Epacris longiflora Fuchsia heath Core Eudicots Ericaceae
Epidendrum spp. Crucefix orchids Monocots Orchidaceae > Epidendreae
Epiphyllum anguliger Fishbone cactus Core Eudicots Cactaceae
Epiphyllum hookeri Hooker’s orchid cactus Core Eudicots Cactaceae
Epipremium aureum Devil’s ivy Monocots Araceae
Eremophila bignoniiflora Emu bush Core Eudicots Scrophulariaceae
Eremophila debilis Winter Apple Core Eudicots Scrophulariaceae
Eremophila glabra Emu bush Core Eudicots Scrophulariaceae
Eremophila maculata Spotted Emu bush Core Eudicots Scrophulariaceae
Erica cerinthoides Fire heath Core Eudicots Ericaceae
Erica lusitanica Spanish heath Core Eudicots Ericaceae
Erica sessiliflora Green heath Core Eudicots Ericaceae
Eriobotrya japonica Loquat Core Eudicots Rosaceae
Eschscholzia californica Californian poppy Early eudicots Papaveraceae
Etlingera elatior Torch ginger Monocots Zingiberaceae
Eucharis Amazon lily Monocots Amaryllidaceae
Eugenia uniflora Surinam (Brazilian) cherry Core Eudicots Myrtaceae
Euphorbia caput-medusae Medusa head Core Eudicots Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia cooperi Lesser candelabra Core Eudicots Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia cotinifolia Smokebush Core Eudicots Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia cyathophora Wild poinsettia Core Eudicots Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia geroldi Thornless Crown of thorns Core Eudicots Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia hirta Red Euphorbia, Snakeweed Core Eudicots Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia kamerunica Euphorbia Core Eudicots Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia leucocephala Snowflake bush Core Eudicots Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia marginata Snow on the mountain Core Eudicots Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia milii complex Crown of thorns Core Eudicots Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia pulcherrima & cultivars Poinsettia Core Eudicots Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia trigona African milk tree Core Eudicots Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia trigona ‘Red leaf’ Red Milk Bush Core Eudicots Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia umbellata African milk bush Core Eudicots Euphorbiaceae
Eupomatia laurina Eupomatia Basal angiosperms Eupomateaceae
Firmiana simplex Chinese Parasol tree Core Eudicots Malvaceae
Flindersia australis Australian teak Core Eudicots Rutaceae
Flindersia schottiana Cudgerie, Silver Ash Core Eudicots Rutaceae
Freesia Freesias Monocots Iridaceae
Freesia laxa Anomatheca laxa Monocots Iridaceae
Furcraea foetida & cultivar False agave Monocots Asparagaceae
Furcraea foetida ‘Mediopicta’ False agave cultivar Monocots Asparagaceae
Galphimia gracilis Gold shower Core Eudicots Malpighiaceae
Geitonoplesium cymosum Scrambling lily Monocots Asphodelaceae s.l.
Geleznowia verrucosa cultivars Yellow Bells Core Eudicots Rutaceae
Ginkgo biloba Maidenhair Tree Gymnosperms Ginkgoaceae
Gladiolus dalenii Gladiolus Monocots Iridaceae
Gladiolus hybrids Gladiolus Monocots Iridaceae
Gloriosa supurba Gloriosa lily, Creeping lily Monocots Colchicaceae
Glycosmis trifoliata Pink fruited lime berry Core Eudicots Rutaceae
Gomphocarpus fruticosus Cottonbush Core Eudicots Apocynaceae
Goodenia ovata ‘Gold Cover’ Hop Goodenia Core Eudicots Goodeniaceae
Goodenia rotundifolia Goodenia Core Eudicots Goodeniaceae
Grevillea curviloba Grevillea Early Eudicots Proteaceae
Grevillea flexuosa Zigzag grevillea Early Eudicots Proteaceae
Grevillea juniperina Grevillea Early Eudicots Proteaceae
Grevillea rhyolitica Grevillea Early Eudicots Proteaceae
Grevillea robusta Silky Oak Early Eudicots Proteaceae
Grevillea tripartita Grevillea Early Eudicots Proteaceae
Grevillea venusta Grevillea Early Eudicots Proteaceae
Grevillea cultivars (8) Grevillea Early Eudicots Proteaceae
Grewia latifolia Emu berry Core Eudicots Malvaceae
Grewia occidentalis Crossberry Core Eudicots Malvaceae
Habranthus robustus Rain lily Monocots Amaryllidaceae s.l.
Hakea purpurea Crimson Hakea Early Eudicots Proteaceae
Harpullia pendula Tulipwood Core Eudicots Sapindaceae
Haworthia attenuata Zebra plant Monocots Asphodelaceae s.l.
Helleborus Hellebores Early eudicots Ranunculaceae
Hemerocallis Daylily Monocots Asphodelaceae s.l.
Heterocentron Heterocentron Core Eudicots Melastomataceae
Hibbertia scandens Climbing Guinea flower Early Eudicots Dilleniaceae
Hibbertia vestita Hairy Guinea flowers Early Eudicots Dilleniaceae
Hibiscus trionum Rose Mallow Core Eudicots Malvaceae
Hibiscus tiliaceus Cottonwood, Native hibiscus Core Eudicots Malvaceae
Hippiastrum papilo Butterfly Amaryllis Monocots Amaryllidaceae s.l.
Hippiastrum reticulatum v. striatifolium Hippiastrum Monocots Amaryllidaceae s.l.
Hiptage benghalensis Hiptage Core Eudicots Malpighiaceae
Holmskioldia sanguinea Chinese Hat Core Eudicots Lamiaceae
Homalocladium See Muehlenbeckia Core Eudicots Polygonaceae
Hoya carnosa Wax flower Core Eudicots Apocynaceae
Huperzia phlegmaria Queensland tassel fern Pteridophytes Lycopodiaceae
Hydrangea macrophylla Hydrangea Core Eudicots Hydrangeaceae
Hydrangea ‘Oriental Lace’ Hydrangea Core Eudicots Hydrangeaceae
Hydrocleys nymphoides Water poppy Monocots Alismataceae
Hylocereus costaricensis Red fleshed Dragon fruit Core Eudicots Cactaceae
Hylocereus megalanthus Yellow Dragon fruit Core Eudicots Cactaceae
Hymenocallis Spider lily Monocots Amaryllidaceae
Hymenosporum flavum Native Frangipani Core Eudicots Pittosporaceae
Ipheion uniflorum Spring Starflower Monocots Amaryllidaceae
Iris sp. Irises Monocots Iridaceae
Iris – bearded Irises Monocots Iridaceae
Iris x hollandica Dutch iris Monocots Iridaceae
Iris cultivars Beardedless irises Monocots Iridaceae
Iris domestica Belamcanda Monocots Iridaceae
Iris pseudacorus Yellow water iris Monocots Iridaceae
Iris tectorum Blue wall iris Monocots Iridaceae
Jacaranda mimosifolia Jacaranda Core Eudicots Bignoniaceae
Jagera pseudorhus Foam bark tree Core Eudicots Sapindaceae
Juniperus communis Dwarf or common juniper Gymnosperms Cupressaceae
Juniperus sp. Juniper tree Gymnosperms Cupressaceae
Justicia adhatoda Malabar Nut Core Eudicots Acanthaceae
Justicia betonica White shrimp plant Core Eudicots Acanthaceae
Justicia brandegeeana Mexican shrimp plant Core Eudicots Acanthaceae
Karomia tettensis Purple Chinese Hat Core Eudicots Lamiaceae
Kigelia africana Sausage tree Core Eudicots Bignoniaceae
Koelreuteria elegans subsp. formosana. Golden Rain tree Core Eudicots Sapindaceae
Lagerstroemia indica Crepe Myrtle Core Eudicots Lythraceae
Lagerstroemia speciosa Queen’s Myrtle Core Eudicots Lythraceae
Landoltia punctata Dotted duckweed Monocots Araceae
Lantana camara Lantana Core Eudicots Verbenaceae
Lantana montevidensis Creeping, Purple or Trailing lantana Core Eudicots Verbenaceae
Lepidozamia hopei Zamia Palm Gymnosperms Zamiaceae
Lepidozamia peroffskyana Lepidozamia Gymnosperms Zamiaceae
Leucadendron coniferum Dune cone bush Early Eudicots Proteaceae
Leucadendron eucalyptifolium Gum-leaf cone bush Early Eudicots Proteaceae
Leucadendron ‘Harvest’ Cone bush Early Eudicots Proteaceae
Leucadendron salignum Cone bush Early Eudicots Proteaceae
Leucojum aestivum Snowflakes Monocots Amaryllidaceae s.l.
Leucophyllum frutescens Purple Sage Core Eudicots Scrophulariaceae
Leucospermum Pincushions Early Eudicots Proteaceae
Lilium Asiatic & Oriental hybrid lilies Monocots Liliaceae
Lilium martagon Martagon lily Monocots Liliaceae
Liverworts Early land plants Hepaticae
Lotphostemon confertus Brush Box, Brisbane Box Core Eudicots Myrtaceae
Loropetalum chinense & ‘Rubra’ Fringe flower Core Eudicots Hamamelidaceae
Lotus berthelotii Parrots beak Core Eudicots Fabaceae s.s.
Ludisia discolor Jewel orchid Monocots Orchidaceae > Cranichideae
Lycianthes rantonnetii Blue Potato bush Core Eudicots Solanaceae
Lygodium japonicum Japanese climbing fern Pteridophytes Lygodiaceae
Lygodium microphyllum Climbing maidenfair fern Pteridophytes Lygodiaceae
Macadamia integrifolia Macadamia Early Eudicots Proteaceae
Macadamia tetraphylla Macadamia Early Eudicots Proteaceae
Macaranga tanarius Parasol or Heart Leaf tree Core Eudicots Euphorbiaceae
Macfadyena unguis-cacti Cat’s Claw Creeper Core Eudicots Bignoniaceae
Macroptilium atropurpureum Cowpea Core Eudicots Fabaceae s.s.
Macroptilium lathyroides Cowpea Core Eudicots Fabaceae s.s.
Macrozamia johnsonii Macrozamia Gymnosperms Zamiaceae
Macrozamia macleayi Macrozamia Gymnosperms Zamiaceae
Magnolia champaca Michelia champaca Basal angiosperms Magnoliaceae
Magnolia grandiflora Magnolia Basal angiosperms Magnoliaceae
Magnolia hybrids, cultivars Magnolia Basal angiosperms Magnoliaceae
Mallotus japonicus Kamala Core Eudicots Euphorbiaceae
Mallotus philippensis Red Kamala Core Eudicots Euphorbiaceae
Malpighia coccigera Dwarf holly Core Eudicots Malpighiaceae
Malpighia glabra or M. emarginata Barbados or West Indian Cherry Core Eudicots Malpighiaceae
Mammillaria Cactus Core Eudicots Cactaceae
Mandevilla Chilean Jasmine Core Eudicots Apocynaceae
Manihot esculenta Cassava Core Eudicots Euphorbiaceae
Mansoa alliacea Garlic vine Core Eudicots Bignoniaceae
Markhamia lutea Markhamia Core Eudicots Bignoniaceae
Marsilea drummondii Nardoo or Water clover fern Pteridophytes Marsileaceae
Medinilla magnifica Medinilla Core Eudicots Melastomataceae
Melastoma malabathricum Melastoma affine Core Eudicots Melastomataceae
Melastoma sanguineum Red melastome Core Eudicots Melastomataceae
Melicope elleryana Pink Euodia, Pink Doughwood Core Eudicots Rutaceae
Melicope rubra Little Euodia Core Eudicots Rutaceae
Melinis repans Natal grass Monocots Poaceae – Grasses
Melocactus bahiensis Melocactus Core Eudicots Cactaceae
Melocactus peruvianus Turk’s Cap Core Eudicots Cactaceae
Merremia dissecta Snakevine Core Eudicots Convolvulaceae
Michelia figo & cultivars Magnolia figo Basal Angiosperms Magnoliaceae
Microsorum punctatum Fern Pteridophytes Polypodiaceae
Microsorum punctatum ‘Grandiceps’ Fishtail or Crested Fern Pteridophytes Polypodiaceae
Microsorum pustulatum Kangaroo or Hound’s tongue fern Pteridophytes Polypodiaceae
Millettia See Pongamia Core Eudicots Fabaceae s.s.
Mirabilis jalapa Four o’clock flower, Miracle flower Core Eudicots Nyctaginaceae
Monstera deliciosa Swiss cheese or Fruit salad plant Monocots Araceae
Morus nigra Mulberry Core Eudicot Moraceae
Moss Moss Bryophytes Many families
Muehlenbeckia platyclados Ribbon plant Eudicots Polygonaceae
Muntingia calabura Strawberry tree Core Eudicots Muntingiaceae
Murraya koenigii Curry leaf tree Core Eudicot Rutaceae
Murraya paniculata Mock Orange, Curry tree Core Eudicot Rutaceae
Musa sp. Bananas Monocots Musaceae
Mussaenda erythrophylla Red Flag bush Core Eudicot Rubiaceae
Mussaenda flava Dwarf Yellow Mussaenda Core Eudicot Rubiaceae
Mussaenda philippica Mussaenda Core Eudicot Rubiaceae
Myoporum boninense Creeping Boobialla Core Eudicots Scrophulariaceae
Myristica muelleri Nutmeg Basal angios Myristicaceaee
Narcissus Daffodils, jonquils Monocots Amaryllidaceae s.l.
Nauclea orientalis Leichhardt tree Core Eudicots Rubiaceae
Nelumbo nucifera Lotus Early eudicots Nelumbonaceae
Neomarica gracilis A beardless iris Monocots Iridaceae
Neomarica longifolia Walking iris Monocots Iridaceae
Neonotonia wightii Glycine Core Eudicots Fabaceae s.s.
Neostrearia fleckeri Neostrearia Core Eudicots Hamamelidaceae
Nephrolepsis cordifolia Fishbone or Sword fern Pteridophytes Davalliaceae
Nephrolepsis exalta Boston fern Pteridophytes Davalliaceae
Nerine sarniensis Jersey or Guernsey lily Monocots Amaryllidaceae s.l.
Nerium oleander Oleander Core Eudicots Apocynaceae
Nicandra physalodes Chinese Lantern, Turk’s Cap Core Eudicots Solanaceae
Nigella Love-in-a mist Early Eudicots Ranunculaceae
Noahdendron nicholasii Noahdendron Core Eudicots Hamamelidaceae
Nothoscordum borbonicum Onion weed Monocots Amaryllidaceae
Nuphar lutea Yellow pond lily Basal angiosperms Nymphaceae
Nymphaea Waterlily Basal angiosperms Nymphaceae
Ochna serrulata Mickey Mouse plant Core Eudicots Ochnaceae
Oncidium sp. Dancing ladies Monocots Orchidaceae > Cymbidieae
Opuntia tomentosa Velvet pear tree Core Eudicots Cactaceae
Opuntia vulgaris Drooping pear tree Core Eudicots Cactaceae
Ornithogalum arabicum Arab’s eyes Monocots Asparagaceae
Ornithogalum longibracteatum See Albuca longbracteatum Monocots Asparagaceae
Ornithogalum thrysoides Chincherinchee Monocots Asparagaceae
Pachystachys lutea Golden candle Core Eudicots Acanthaceae
Pandanus sp. Pandan, Screw pine Monocots Pandanaceae
Pandorea jasminoides Bower vine Core Eudicots Bignoniaceae
Pandorea pandorana Wonga Wonga vine Core Eudicots Bignoniaceae
Pansies See Viola Core Eudicots Violaceae
Papaver Garden Poppies Early eudicots Papaveraceaae
Papaver somniferum Opium poppy Early eudicots Papaveraceaae
Paphiopedilum ‘Maudiae’ Venus slipper orchid Monocots Orchidaceae Cypripedioideae
Papilionanthe Orchids Monocots Orchidaceae > Vandeae
Parmentiera aculeata Cucumber tree Core Eudicots Bignoniaceae
Parmentiera cereifera Candle tree Core Eudicots Bignoniaceae
Parodia magnifica Ball cactus Core Eudicots Cactaceae
Parsonsia Silkpod, Monkey vine Core Eudicots Apocynaceae
Parthenocissus quinquefolia Virginia creeper Core Eudicots Vitaceae
Passiflora edulis Common Passionfruit Core Eudicots Passifloraceae
Passiflora foetida Bush passionfruit Core Eudicots Passifloraceae
Passiflora miniata Scarlet passion flower Core Eudicots Passifloraceae
Passiflora suberosa Wild passionfruit Core Eudicots Passifloraceae
Passiflora subpeltata White passion flower Core Eudicots Passifloraceae
Paulownia tomentosa Foxglove, Imperial or Princess tree Core Eudicots Paulowniaceae
Pavetta australiensis Christmas bush Core Eudicots Rubiaceae
Peltophorum pterocarpum Copperhead, Yellow poinciana Core Eudicots Caesalpiniaceae
Peperomia caperata Pepper family Basal angiosperms Piperaceae
Peperomia clusifolia Pepper family Basal angiosperms Piperaceae
Peperomia obtusifolia & cultivar Pepper family Basal angiosperms Piperaceae
Pereskia aculeata Leaf cactus Core Eudicots Cactaceae
Pereskia aculeata ‘Godseffiana’ Leaf cactus Core Eudicots Cactaceae
Petrea volubis Purple Wreath, Sandpaper vine Core Eudicots Verbenaceae
Phaius tankervilleae Chinese swamp orchid Monocots Orchidaceae > Epidendreae
Phalaenopsis sp. Moth orchids Monocots Orchidaceae > Vandeae
Phalaenopsis amabilis & cultivars Moth orchids Monocots Orchidaceae > Vandeae
Philodendron bipinnatifidum Tree or Split leaf philodendron Monocots Araceae
Philodendron ‘Xanadu’ Philodendron Monocots Araceae
Phlebodium aureum Hare foot fern Pteridophytes Polypodiaceae
Phyllostachys bambusoides Giant timber bamboo Monocots Poaceae – Bamboos
Phyllostachys nigra Black bamboo Monocots Poaceae – Bamboos
Pieris Andromeda Core Eudicots Ericaceae
Pinus sp. Pine trees Gymnosperms Pinaceae
Piper nigrum Pepper family Basal angiosperms Piperaceae
Pipturis argenteus Native mulberry Core Eudicots Urticaceae
Platycerium bifurcatum Elkhorn fern Pteridophytes Polypodiaceae
Platycerium superbum Staghorn fern Pteridophytes Polypodiaceae
Platycerium veitchii Silver Elkhorn fern Pteridophytes Polypodiaceae
Platycladus orientalis Thuja orientalis Gymnosperms Cupressaceae
Plumeria rubra Red Frangipani Core Eudicots Apocynaceae
Plumeria pudica Plumeria Core Eudicots Apocynaceae
Plumeria obtusa Singapore White frangipani Core Eudicots Apocynaceae
Plumeria filifolia Frangipani Core Eudicots Apocynaceae
Podocarpus dispermus Broad leaved Brown pine Gymnosperms Podocarpaceae
Podocarpus elatus Plum pine Gymnosperms Podocarpaceae
Podocarpus grayea Brown or Weeping pine Gymnosperms Podocarpaceae
Podocarpus spinulosus Dwarf Plum pine Gymnosperms Podocarpaceae
Podranea ricasoliana Pink Trumpet vine Core Eudicots Bignoniaceae
Polyscias australiana Basswood Core Eudicots Araliaceae
Polyscias macgillivrayi Polyscias Core Eudicots Araliaceae
Pongamia pinnata Wisteria tree (Millettia) Core Eudicots Fabaceae s.s.
Portulaca grandiflora Rock rose Core Eudicots Portulacaceae
Portulaca oleracea Purslane, Red pigweed Core Eudicots Portulacaceae
Portulaca pilosa Hairy portulaca Core Eudicots Portulacaceae
Proiphys amboinensis Cardwell or Brisbane lily Monocot Amaryllidaceae s.l.
Psidium cattleianum (P. cattleyanum) Red or Strawberry guava Core Eudicots Myrtaceae
Psidium cattleianum ‘Lucidum’ Lemon guava Core Eudicots Myrtaceae
Psidium guajava Common or Yellow guava Core Eudicots Myrtaceae
Psidium guineense Brazilian guava Core Eudicots Myrtaceae
Psilotum nudum Skeleton Fork Fern Pteridophytes Psilotaceae
Psychotria fitzlanii Psychotria Core Eudicots Rubiaceae
Psychotria loniceroides Psychotria Core Eudicots Rubiaceae
Pteris cretica Ribbon or brake fern Pteridophytes Pteridaceae
Pteris vittata Chinese Ladder Brake fern Pteridophytes Pteridaceae
Punica granatum & cultivars Pomegranate Core Eudicots Lythraceae
Pyrostegia venusta Flame or Orange trumpet vine Core Eudicots Bignoniaceae
Radermachera sinica & cultivars China Doll Core Eudicots Bignoniaceae
Ranunculus Ranunculus Early Eudicots Ranunculaceae
Ravenala madagascariensis Traveller’s palm Monocots Strelitziaceae
Rhipsalis Mistletoe cactus Core Eudicots Cactaceae
Rhododendron Rhododendron, azalea, Vireya Core Eudicots Ericaceae
Ricinus communis Castor oil plant Core Eudicots Euphorbiaceae
Rivina humilis Coral berry Core Eudicot Phytolaccaceae
Rubus sp. Raspberry Core Eudicots Rosaceae
Rubus probus Wild Raspberry Core Eudicots Rosaceae
Rumohra adiantiformis Leathery shield fern Pteridophytes Dryopteridaceae
Saccharum Sugarcane Monocots Poaceae – grasses
Sambucus australasica Native Elderberry Core Eudicots Adoxaceae
Sambucus nigra Common Elder Core Eudicots Adoxaceae
Sansevieria cylindrica Snake plant Monocots Asparagaceae
Sansevieria liberica Sansevieria Monocots Asparagaceae
Sansevieria trifasciata Mother-in-law’s tongue Monocots Asparagaceae
Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Laurentii’ Mother-in-law’s tongue cultivar Monocots Asparagaceae
Saritaea magnifica Glow Vine Core Eudicots Bignoniaceae
Scadoxus multiflorus Blood lily Monocots Amaryllidaceae s.l.
Scaevola aemula cultivars Fan flower Core Eudicots Goodeniaceae
Schefflera actinophylla Umbrella tree Core Eudicots Araliaceae
Schefflera arboricola Dwarf umbrella tree Core Eudicots Araliaceae
Schizaea sp. Fern Pteridophytes Schizaeaceae
Schotia Bean tree Core Eudicots Caesalpiniaceae
Selanginella willdenowii Peacock fern Pteridophytes Selaginellaceae
Senna acclinis Edge senna Core Eudicots Caesalpiniaceae
Senna artemisioides Silver senna Core Eudicots Caesalpiniaceae
Senna pendula Easter senna Core Eudicots Caesalpiniaceae
Senna spectabilis Cassia spectabilis Core Eudicots Caesalpiniaceae
Serruria florida Blushing Bride Early Eudicots Proteaceae
Solandra maxima & ‘Variegata’ Chalice vine Core Eudicots Solanaceae
Solanum americanum Glossy nightshade Core Eudicots Solanaceae
Solanum aviculare Kangaroo apples Core Eudicots Solanaceae
Solanum chrysotrichum Giant Devil’s fig Core Eudicots Solanaceae
Solanum laxum Jasmine nightshade Core Eudicots Solanaceae
Solanum mauritianum Wild tobacco Core Eudicots Solanaceae
Solanum melongena Eggplants Core Eudicots Solanaceae
Solanum seaforthianum Brazilian nightshade Core Eudicots Solanaceae
Solanum wrightii or S. macranthum Giant potato tree Core Eudicots Solanaceae
Sparaxis tricolor Harlequin flower Monocots Iridaceae
Spathodea campanulata Tulip tree Core Eudicots Bignoniaceae
Spathoglottis plicata Ground orchid Monocots Orchidaceae > Epidendreae
Spathyphyllum Peace lily Monocots Araceae
Spergularia marina Salt sandspurry Core Eudicots Caryophyllaceae
Sphagneticola triloba Singapore daisy Core Eudicots Asteraceae
Stachytarpheta mutabilis Red or pink Snakeweed Core Eudicots Verbenaceae
Stachytarpheta cayennensis Dark blue Snakeweed Core Eudicots Verbenaceae
Stachytarpheta jamaicensis Light blue Snakeweed Core Eudicots Verbenaceae
Stenocarpus sinusatus Fire wheel Basal angiosperms Proteaceae
Stenotaphrum secondatum Buffalo grass Monocots Poaceae – Grasses
Sterculia quadrifida Peanut tree Core Eudicots Malvaceae
Sterculia quinqueloba 5-lobed Sterculia Core Eudicots Malvaceae
Strangeria eriopus Strangeria Gymnosperms Strangeriaceae
Strelitzia reginae Bird of Paradise Monocots Strelitziaceae
Strelitzia nicolai Giant white Bird of Paradise Monocots Strelitziaceae
Syngonium podophyllum Arrowhead plant Monocots Araceae
Tabebuia chrysotricha Yellow or Pink trumpet tree Core Eudicots Bignoniaceae
Tamarindus indica Tamarind Core Eudicots Caesalpiniaceae
Tamarix Athel pine, Tamarisk Core Eudicots Tamaricaceae
Taxodium mucronatum Montezuma cypress Gymnosperms Cupressaceae
Tecoma alata Orange Bells Core Eudicots Bignoniaceae
Tecoma capensis Cape Honeysuckle Core Eudicots Bignoniaceae
Tecoma stans Yellow Bells Core Eudicots Bignoniaceae
Tecomanthe hillii Fraser Island creeper Core Eudicots Bignoniaceae
Telopea speciosissima Waratah Early Eudicots Proteaceae
Thelionema caespitosum Tufted Blue lily Monocots Asphodelaceae s.l.
Thelypteris patens ‘Lepida’ Maiden fern Pteridophytes Thelypteridaceae
Thevetia peruviana Yellow oleander Core Eudicots Apocynaceae
Thunbergia alata Black-eyed Susan Core Eudicots Acanthaceae
Thunbergia erecta King’s mantle Core Eudicots Acanthaceae
Thunbergia fragrans White thunbergia Core Eudicots Acanthaceae
Thunbergia grandiflora Blue thunbergia Core Eudicots Acanthaceae
Thunbergia mysorensis Mysore trumpet vine Core Eudicots Acanthaceae
Tibouchina sp. Tibouchina Core Eudicots Melastomataceae
Tibouchina cultivars ‘Kathleen’, ‘Neolene’ & ‘Peace baby’ Core Eudicots Melastomataceae
Tibouchina heteromalla Silverleafed Princess Flower Core Eudicots Melastomataceae
Tibouchina urvilleana Glory or Princess Flower Core Eudicots Melastomataceae
Tradescantia pallida Wandering Jew Monocots Commelinaceae
Tradescantia spathacea Moses in the cradle Monocots Commelinaceae
Tradescantia zanonia ‘Mexican Flag Wandering Jew Monocots Commelinaceae
Tradescantia zebrina Striped Wandering Jew Monocots Commelinaceae
Trevesia palmata Snowflake tree Core Eudicots Aralilaceae
Tridax procumbens Coat buttons Core Eudicots Asteraceae
Triglochin striatum Streaked arrowgrass Monocots Juncaginaceae
Triplaris americana Ant tree Core Eudicots Polygonaceae
Tritonia crocata Orange Tritonia or Blazing star Monocots Iridaceae
Tulbaghia violacea Society garlic Monocots Amaryllidaceae
Tulipa Tulips Monocots Liliaceae
U to Z U to Z U to Z U to Z
Urochloa species Signal grass Monocots Poaceae – Grasses
Uvaria leichhardtii Melodorum leichhardtii Basal angiosperms Annonaceae
Uvaria microcarpa Uvaria littoralis Basal angiosperems Annonaceae
Vaccinium Blueberry Core Eudicots Ericaceae
Vanda orchids Orchids Monocots Orchidaceae > Vandeae
Vanda tricolor Orchids Monocots Orchidaceae > Vandeae
Vanilla planifolia Vanilla Monocots Orchidaceae > Vanilleae
Vappaculum superbiens Curly pinks Monocots Orchidaceae > Dendrobieae
Viola banksii Australian Native violet Core Eudicots Violaceae
Viola odorata Sweet or Common violet Core Eudicots Violaceae
Viola tricolor Heartsease Core Eudicots Violaceae
Vireya Rhododendrons Core Eudicots Ericaceae
Vitis Grapes Core Eudicots Vitaceae
Watsonia borbonica Watsonia Monocots Iridaceae
Wollemi nobilis Wollemi pine Gymnosperms Araucariaceae
Xanthorrhoea Grass tree Monocots See Asphodelaceae s.l.
Xanthostemon chrysanthus Golden Penda Core Eudicots Myrtaceae
Xanthostemon chrysanthus ‘Variegata’ Variegated Golden Penda Core Eudicots Myrtaceae
Xanthostemon verticillatus White Penda Core Eudicots Myrtaceae
Yucca aloifolia Spanish bayonet Monocots Asparagaceae
Yucca filifera Yucca Monocots Asparagaceae
Zamia furfuracea Cardboard palm Gymnosperms Zamiaceae
Zantedeschia aethiopica Arum or Calla lilies Monocots Araceae
Zephyranthes candida White Windflower or Storm Lily Monocots Amaryllidaceae
Zephyranthes carinata Pink Rain Lily Monocots Amaryllidaceae
Zephyranthes citrina Yellow Zephyranthes Monocots Amaryllidaceae
Zingiber spectable Beehive ginger Monocots Zingiberaceae