Stereum hirsutum.

Basidiomycota > Agaricomycetes > Russulales > Stereaceae.

There are 27 species of Stereum including S. hirsutum which is common in S.E. Queensland.

It is a crust fungus that often forms cap-like structures at the edges.
It occurs in large numbers on dead wood.

Individual fruit bodies, 1 to 2 mm thick, are often only 2-3 cm across but can be larger.
The caps may form tiers or fuse laterally to form long shelves.

The upper surface has concentric zones of yellow, orange and brown.
The colours are darker near the area of attachment.

The upper surface is covered in a dense layer of white, brown or grey hairs.
The margin is a paler white or yellow and may be wavy.
Colours may fade to grey or be green from algal growth.

The smooth spore bearing surface can be pale yellow, brown or grey.
Spore print white.

Trametes versicolor has a similar upper surface but a pore layer underneath.