Ascomycota > Lecanoromycetes > Lecanorales > Cladoniaceae.

Heterodea is found on the soil either among grass or on leaf or twig litter.

The foliose thallus grows up to 10 cm across and 4 cm high.
The lobes are well spread out and the edges turn upwards.

The upper surface is a yellow-green to yellow-brown.

The lower surface varies with the species.
It may be greyish-white, brown or black and there may be a network of dark
    veins or pale depressions or spots.

There may be dense rhizines over the lower surface or a just a few on the lobe margins
    and they may be brown or black, simple or branched.

There are many pale to dark reddish-brown, disk-like apothecia, up to 1 mm across, on the lobe margins.