Ascomycota > Lecanoromycetes >Teloschistales > Caliciaceae > Physciaceae.

One of the 7 genera in the family Physciaceae with about a dozen species in Queensland.

A foliose lichen which may be thick or thin.
The surface may be continuous, or cracked into areoles up to 1.25 mm wide.

The upper surface may be whitish, pale grey, dull yellow, olive-brown or green-grey.
The thallus margin may be slightly pinkish and squamulose.

A black to grey prothallus may be prominent or indistinct and may be fimbriate (finely branched).

There are no isidia or soralia.

Apothecia, up to 1.6 mm across, may be immersed in the stroma or sessile, and are often contiguous.
The thalline margin is the same colour as the thallus.
The disc dark is flat to slightly convex, brown then black.