Lycogala epidendrum

Lycogala epidendrum.

Pink and brown slime moulds.

Myxogastria > Order Liceales > Family Tubiferaceae.

It is sometimes seen under Order Liceales > Family Reticulariaceae.

A widespread slime mould whose fruiting bodies (aethalia) can be mistaken for a fungus.

The reddish plasmodial phase is rarely seen but in unfavourable conditions it converts to visible
    fruiting bodies found scattered or in clusters on rotting wood.

The aethalia are 3 to 15 mm across and of variable colour – bright red or pink when young.
As they mature they become a deep yellow-brown or greenish black.

The surface has a slightly nodular or warty appearance.

When young the interior is filled with a pinkish paste like liquid.

At maturity the interior is filled with powdery, pinkish to purplish-grey spores.