Tubifera ferruginosa

Tubifera ferruginosa.

Synonym Stemonitis ferruginosa.

Protozoa > Myxomycota > Myxomycetes > Liceales > Family Tubiferaceae.
It is also seen under the family Reticulariaceae.

The common name is Red Raspberry slime.

Individual fruit bodies are less than 0.5 mm wide and up to 3 to 5 mm high.
The individual oblong sporangia can be pink or red and age to a dark brown.
They open at the tip to release the spores.

The hypothallus, from which the fruit bodies arise, is dark and spongy.

The many, densely packed fruit bodies form masses (aethalia) up to 15 cm in length.
The individual sporangia are so tightly compressed in the aethalium it may resemble the
    spongy appearance of Fuligo septica.

The spores are light yellow to reddish-brown.

Tubifera ferruginosa and Tubifera microsperma are the most commonly seen species.