Native Holly is in Family Apocynaceae.
The Alyxia genus has about 120 species with 8 or 9 in Australia.
A. ruscifolia and A. magnifolia are found in S. E. Queensland.

Woody shrubs or lianas with a white latex.
Leaves are in whorls of up to 5, rarely opposite.
The simple leaves may have spines.
Inflorescences, terminal or axillary, have flowers with parts in 5’s.
Flowers may or may not be on short stalks and there are bracteoles at the base.
The flowers are mainly white, sometimes with purple or yellow.
The smooth or hairy corolla tube ends in twisted lobes.

The short free stamens are inserted near the top of the tube.
There are 2 carpels with separate ovaries, a single style and a 2-cleft stigma.
The fruit are single, paired or short chains of red or black berries.