Caladium spp.

Family Araceae > Subfamily Aroideae > Tribe Caladieae.
There are only 7 species and one, Caladium bicolor, has over 100 named cultivars.
They are commonly known as Angel wings.

Terrestrial plants with underground tubers.
Cultivated plants grow to about 60 cm high but in the wild up to 1 m.

The thin, wide leaves are up to 45 cm long.
Typically arrow-head in shape they can also be long and narrow or heart-shaped.

Caladium bicolor leaves are shades of green mottled with pink, red and white.
The veins are often a different colour.

Leaves of cultivars come in a huge range of sizes, including dwarfs; colours and patterns.
Green or white leaves can be mottled, streaked or speckled in white, pink, red or combinations of these.
Some have wavy edges and the margin may be a contrasting colour – many are reddish with a green edge.

Small inflorescences, with a green spathe, are hidden under the leaves.