Landoltia punctata

Landoltia punctata.

In Family Araceae it ia also seen as Spirodela punctata.
Dotted duckweed is a widespread species including in Australia.

Like other duckweeds it can form large green masses floating on stagnant water.
The plant has ‘leaves’ that are narrowly ovate or slightly kidney-shaped.
They are 1 to 5 mm wide and twice as long.
The upper surface is covered in tiny pits and there is a faint line of slightly raised ‘bump’.
The underside, and the edges, may be reddish.

Each ‘leaf’ has 2 to 5 fine roots.
The prophyllum at the site of the roots attachment is small or rudimentary.

Reproduction is mainly by budding from the 2 lateral pouches.
One or more daughter plants often remain attached to the parent by short stalks.
Flowers are rarely seen.