Zantedeschia aethiopica

Zantedeschia aethiopica.

Common names are Calla lily and Arum lily although they are not lilies.
There are twenty-eight species with some naturalised in Australia.

The evergreen plants, up to 1 m high, grow in clumps.
Leaves, up to 45 cm long, are on long stalks.
The dark green blade is an arrowhead shape.

Inflorescences, on stalks, arise from the base of the plant.
Each consists of a central axis with multiple small flowers known as the spadix.
This is partially surrounded by the flaring spathe.
The pure white spathe can be up to 25 cm long and the yellow spadix nearly 10 cm.

There are numerous cultivars.
The spathe can be larger and variously coloured or marked.
Colours include green, orange, yellow, purple and pink.
Some have 2 colours on the spathe.
Some have leaves with white spots.