There are about 13 Agathis species worldwide with 3 found in Queensland, 2 of which are endemic.
The Queensland species all have laterally winged seeds that are free of the cone scale, blunter
    leaves than the Araucarias, and smooth cones.

The Australian species are:

  • A. robusta, the Kauri pine has male cones over 4 cm long and females cones with over 300 scales.
  • A. atropurpurea have male cones less than 4 cm long usually on distinct stalks;
  •     female cones are under 6 cm long with up to 150 scales.

  • A. microstachya has male cones less than 4 cm long that are sessile or on a very short stalk;
  •     female cones are over 6 cm long and have 150 to 210 scales.