Sansevieria cylindrica

Sansevieria cylindrica.

Previously in family Agavaceae the Snake plant or African spear plant can also be seen in Dracaenaceae.

They are succulent herbs with leaves growing from rhizomes.
The rhizomes branch away from the parent plant and produce offsets.

The smooth cylindrical leaves are up to 1.5 m high and 3 cm thick.
They are grey-green with a groove or channel down one side.
There are thin green stripes down them and pale green transverse bands.

Inflorescences are a spike almost 1 m high with white flowers.
The flowers are in small branched or unbranched clusters along the spike.
On a pedicel, they have 6 tepals whose lower halves form a short tube with the lobes flaring out.

The 6 stamens have dorsifixed anthers.
The superior ovary has 3 locules and one style with the stigma.
The fruit are berries with 1 to 3 seeds depending on how many of the ovules mature.