Podranea ricasoliana

Podranea ricasoliana.

Family Bignoniaceae.
The Pink trumpet vine, common in Australia, is an invasive species in Queensland.
The name is an anagram of Pandorea.

It is a rapidly growing, evergreen stem-twining vine.
If unpruned the arching stems can grow to 10 m long.

The opposite, glossy green leaves are decussate (adjacent pairs at right angles).
The leaves have 5 to 11 pairs of leaflets and sometimes a single terminal one.
The ovate leaflets, about 8 cm long, mostly have smooth edges.

The terminal inflorescences, of many of flowers, are held above the foliage.
The bell or trumpet-shaped flowers are up to 8 cm long and 6 cm across.
They are pink with a yellow throat and deep pink lines.

The fruit are straight, flattened capsules holding a few winged seeds.
Reproduction is mainly by branches rooting when they touch the ground.

The only other species is Podranea brycei.
This can grow as a shrub to 2 m or a vine up to 10 m.
Pinnate leaves are up to 27 cm long.
There are up to 7 pairs of ovate leaflets and a terminal one.
Leaflets tips are a long point.
The flowers are mauve to pink and hairy inside.