Saritaea magnifica

Saritaea magnifica.

In Family Bignoniaceae it is also known as Bignonia magnifica..
Common names are Glow Vine or Purple funnel vine.
The only species in the genus it is naturalised in parts of Queensland.
It is a weed in some areas.

An evergreen vine climbing by tendrils.
The long, erect and arching stems have lenticels.
The oppositely inserted leaves are up to 10 cm long.
They have 2 leaflets (bifoliate) and may have terminal tendril up to 15 cm long.
The leaflets are obovate (wider above the centre) with a rounded tip.
There may be 2 small leaf-like structures at the base of the petiole.

Terminal or axillary inflorescences have up to 4 flowers on short stalks.
The tubular or urn-shaped calyx of 5 fused sepals usually has a flat top.
The 5 petals form a tube or funnel with 5 spreading lobes.
The corolla is up to 8 cm long and 2.5 cm wide at the top.
The corolla is slightly bilabiate with upper and lower lips with 2 and 3 lobes respectively.
Petals are shades of mauve to purple with a hairy yellowish to white throat.
There are dark purple lines on the throat of the lower lip.

The 4 stamens are in 2 unequal pairs and there is a short staminode.
The anthers in each pair of fertile stamens lie close together.
The superior ovary has a single long style and a bilobed stigma.
The fruit are flat capsules with winged seeds.