Tecoma capensis

Tecoma capensis.

Family Bignoniaceae.
Synonyms include Bignonia capensis and Tecomaria capensis.
Known as the Cape Honeysuckle it is naturalised in eastern Queensland.

It grows as a shrub up to 3 m high or as a woody scrambling vine.
The pinnate leaves, up to 15 cm long, are oppositely arranged.
There are 2 to 4 pairs of glossy leaflets and a terminal one.
Up to 4 cm long they are oblong, round or ovate with a slightly toothed edge.

Inflorescences are terminal clusters up to 15 cm long.
The funnel-shaped flowers are about 7 cm long.
The curved tubular part is narrow and the 5 terminal lobes are in 2 lips.
Colours vary from a bright scarlet to a reddish orange or pinkish-orange.
Tecoma capensis ‘Aurea’ has yellow flowers.

Fruit are long, narrow capsules with winged seeds.