In subfamily Bromelioideae of family Bromeliaceae the Portea genus has around 8 species.
They are native to Brazil.
Typically ground dwelling plants they can also be epiphytes.
They produce offsets at the base and can form large clumps.

They have a basal rosette of strap-like leaves up to 1 m long.
The edges have dark teeth.
The branched inflorescences, over 1 m high have a leafless scape.
There are bracts on the scape and under each branch and flower.
There are scales or trichomes on various parts.

Flowers, on a stalk or pedicel have 3 sepals and petals.
The sepal bases are fused and the lobes have a spine and a lateral wing.
The narrow blue, white or violet petals are free.
The 6 stamens do not extend past the petals.
The inferior ovary has a single style with 3 stigmas.
The fruit are berries.