Epiphyllum anguliger

Epiphyllum anguliger.

They are commonly known as the Fishbone or Zigzag cactus.
The epiphytic plants have long, branched succulent trailing stems.
The stems are flattened and the edges have deep, rounded or squarish lobes.
The areoles sometimes have 1 or 2 short, white bristles.

The nocturnal white flowers are up to 20 cm long.
The spreading tepals are narrow to ovate.
Their bases are fused into a long tubular hypanthium with a few tiny green bracteoles.
There are 2 whorls of stamens and a long style with up to 10 stigmas.
The ovoid berries are up to 4 cm across.

Selenicereus anthonyanus.
Also known as Fishbone or Zigzag cactus this plant has climbing stems around 1 m long with
    clusters of side branches but only a few aerial roots.
The flat stems, around 10 cm wide are deeply lobed. Flowers are red.