Bauhinia divaricata

Bauhinia divaricata.

The Pom Pom Orchid Tree is the type species of the genus.
They are semi-deciduous shrubs or small trees from 2 to 6 m high.
The broad, alternate leaves are bi-lobed with distinct yellowish veins.
Veins are depressed on the upper surface and raised below.
The tips of the lobes are pointed rather than the usual rounded appearance.
There are hairs on the petioles and on the paler undersides of the blades.
There is a swelling at the top of the petiole.

Inflorescences are terminal spikes.
The inflorescence and flower stalks are hairy.
The linear, green bracteoles have hairs.
Flowers mature first from the bottom of the spike.
There is a short hypanthium with the nectary tube.

The 5 hairy green sepals are initially joined.
As the bud grows they separate, often into a single spathe-like calyx.
The sepals may also separate into 2 or more narrow sections.
The calyx lobes tend to bend backwards.

There are 5 petals with thin bases and a narrow blade with a wavy edge.
Newly opened flowers have white petals which darken to deep pink.

The stamens have their bases fused into a tube around the gynophore.
Around the rim are 1 (2), long, fertile stamen and up to 9 small staminodes.

The superior, curved, green ovary is on a stalk or gynophore.
The apical white style is long and extends past the petals.
There is a small, green stigma.

The fruit are flattened pods with a few seeds.
Pods mature from green to brown and woody.