Bauhinia x blakeana

Bauhinia × blakeana.

The Hong Kong orchid tree is probably a hybrid of B. purpurea and B. variegata.
It is similar to B. purpurea.
They are small trees commonly 7 to 8 m high that are often multi-stemmed.
They have a spreading, rounded crown and can be semi-deciduous.

The alternate leaves are around 8 cm long and 12 cm wide.
The leaves are deeply notched.
They are a deep green with yellow veins radiating from the base.

The flowers are large being 10 to 15 cm across.
They are a mix of purplish-red, magenta and pink with pale veins.
The upper petal has a darker base.

Bauhinia purpurea.

The Hong Kong Orchid Tree is a deciduous species from 5 to 10 m high.
The alternate, round, bilobed leaves are up to 20 cm across.

Trees produce a large number of flowers up to 12 cm across.
The calyx, splitting into 2 sections, is green or brown and hairy externally.
The 5 petals can shades of pink, purple and mauve.
They have streaks of a darker colour and the base may be white.
Some flowers have whiter petals.

There are 3 long fertile stamens (B. variegata and B. x blakeana have 5).

The seed pods can be up to 30 cm long and hold up to 16 flat, brown seeds.