Dianthus ‘Coral Reef’

Dianthus gratianopolitanus.

These perennial plants form dense mats or cushions up to 40 cm across and 15 to 30 cm high.
The stems and leaves are a grey-green.

The solitary, fragrant, flowers are around 2.5 cm across.
The 5 petals are rose pink and have serrated edges.

Cultivars can be pink, red, burgundy, lavender purplish or white semi-doubles.
They can be plain or have a paler centre and sometimes a darker line separating the two areas.

Dianthus ‘Coral Reef’.

A hybrid cultivar marketed as part of the Scent First Series.
The following is from the U.S. Plant Patents for Jan – Feb 2009 (https://books.google.com).
Patent number PP19,660 P2 Jan 27 2009.

The female parent plant was Dianthus ‘Devon Flavia’ (US patent No. 16903) and the male parent
    plant was an unidentified and unknown variety of Dianthus.
Dianthus ‘Flava’ is a cultivar of unknown parentage derived but from Dianthus gratianopolitanus
    and other dianthus species and hybrids.

Coral Reef is a compact perennial 20 to 30 cm high and 30 to 40 cm wide.
The stems branch from the lower leaf axils.
The opposite, linear, grey-green leaves are arranged in a spiral.
They are 12 to 15 cm long, 3 to 4 mm wide and curled towards the tip.

There are 3 to 5 flowers on a stem.
There are 2 bracteoles and the epicalyx has 2 bracts.
The calyx is 3 to 4 cm long.

The abundant flowers are 4 to 5 cm across with petals 3 to 4 cm long and 1.5 to 2 cm wide.
(The text says 5 petals but both accompanying photographs show doubles.)#
The petals have a rounded apex and the serrations are 1 to 2 mm deep.

The petals base colour is 48C to 49C (Rose pink) on the RHS colour chart which is a generally described a
    deep coral or salmon pink.
The edges of the ruffled petals are white or light red pink (49C).

Stamens may be absent or deformed but when present there are 2 to 5.
They are basifixed with white anthers that usually have no pollen.
The superior ovary is 5 to 6 mm long with 2 (4) white styles 2 cm long with stigmas.

Coral Reef flowers are a deeper pink compared to the female parent D. gratianopolitanus.
The closest cultivar is Dianthus ‘Devon Yolande’ PP16,029 which has pale pink flowers with a
    darker center but Coral Reef has a wider dark center and narrower pale margin.

# The International Dianthus Register and Checklist 2016 Third Edition has:
‘Coral Reef’ cv. ‘Devon Flavia’ (s) x unknown.
Flowers fully double, 45mm wide, deep pink (52C) ground, with a narrow paler edge of strong pink (49C);
    margins shallowly toothed; clove-scented.
Leaves grey-green, forming a compact mound. Stems 15 to 20cm (under glass).