Callisia repens

Callisia repens.

Family Commelinaceae.
Known as the Basket plant or Creeping inch plant it forms dense clumps.

The creeping stems are fleshy, much branched and have roots at the nodes.
They are the main method of propagation.

The ovate to oblong, fleshy leaves are alternately arranged in 2 ranks.
They are up to 4 cm long but become smaller and narrower at the ends of the stems.
The bases form a short sheath on the stem.

The blades are green, often with small purplish spots and a purple edge.
Underneath they vary from green with purple tinges to a bright purple.

Inflorescences, without a stalk, are small clusters of flowers in the axils of the terminal leaves.
They are surrounded by papery bracts.

Flowers have 3 narrow green sepals and 3 small white petals.
There are up to 6 stamens and an ovary with a style and stigma.
Fruit are 2-chambered capsules with tiny 1 mm seeds.