Hibbertia vestita

Hibbertia vestita.

Family Dilleniaceae.
An Australian native known as the Hairy or Small-leaved Guinea flower.
It is sold at specialist nurseries as ‘Golden Sunburst’.

It is a compact ground cover or small shrub up to 30 cm high.
The long trailing stems are woody and hairy.
The linear to oblong leaves are very small being only up to 7 mm long and 1 – 2 mm wide.
The surface can be smooth or minutely hairy.
The ends are rounded and the edges are curved under slightly.

The terminal, bright yellow flowers are surrounded by leaf-like bracts.
They have no stalk, small hairy sepals and petals up to 10 mm long.
About 30 stamens surround the 3 hairy carpels.
The fruit is a capsule that opens at the top.