Dutch iris

2. Bulb irises.

2a. Dutch iris hybrids.

Iris × hollandica is known as the Fleur-de-Lis.
A hybrid of several species it is a parent of many cultivars.
Plants grow from bulbs about 10 cm across.

Grey-green or bluish leaves are linear or grass-like.
Long inflorescence peduncles, holding a few flowers are up to nearly 1 m long.
The flowers, on pedicels can be up to 10 cm across.

The blue and yellow Dutch irises are the ones most commonly seen.
The former has blue to purple falls with a bright yellow lip and blue to mauve standards.
The other has yellow falls with a darker centre and white standards.
There are many named hybrids in various shades of blue to mauve.
Other flowers are bronze, rose, burgendy, pink, white and orange.

2b. Reticulata irises.

Iris reticulata grows from bulbs with an outer fibrous layer in the form of a network.
They are small plants up to 15 cm high with up to 4 grey-green, grass-like linear leaves.
The flowers, up to 6 cm across have long perianth tubes.
The purple, yellow or blue flowers have an orange or white area on the falls.