Huperzia phlegmaria

Huperzia phlegmaria.

Known as the Common, Coarse or Queensland Tassel-fern or the Coarse Clubmoss.
There is marked variation, especailly in size, between plants in different areas.
They have true root systems.

Fronds, up to 80 cm long, are initially upright but as they grow they arch and droop.
The thin, forked frond stems have spirally arranged leaves.
The sterile leaves (microphylls) are on short stalks, lanceolate and with a rounded base.

The fertile stems grow from the tips of the sterile ones and are very different in appearance.
They are thin, pendulous, fork up to 3 times and have small, ovate leaves (sporophylls) that overlap each other.
The leaves narrow towards the base and this club-like appearance gives them their alternate name of clubmosses.

Kidney-shaped sporangia lie in the axils of the fertile leaves.
They are sometimes referred to as gemmae – again due to their similarity to those of moses.