Punica granatum cultivars

Punica cultivars.

There are hundreds of cultivars (and a lot of synonyms).

Leaf arrangement, size and shape, and the number and size of the sepals and
    stamens does not vary much between the cultivars.
What does vary is the size of the plant, the number and colour of the petals,
    and the number, size, colour and acidity of the fruit.

A few, such as the commonly cultivated Punica Gulosha Azerbaijani grow to 6 m high.
Most of the cultivars seen here are dwarfs under around 1.5 m high.
They can be evergreen or deciduous.
Flowers in many are doubles with up to 300 crinkled petals.
Flowers can be red, orange-red, pink, apricot, striped red and pale yellow and rarely white.
The fruit vary in size, shape, colour (black, yellow, dark purple) and taste.
Some have no fruit at all.