Commersonia salviifolia

Commersonia salviifolia.

Previously known as Rulingia salviifolia it is in Family Malvaceae.
The Sage-leaved Commersonia is found in southeast Queensland.

They are spreading, medium sized shrubs 2 to 4 m high.
Many parts are densely hairy including the 5 to 10 mm long petioles.
The linear to narrowly ovate leaves are alternate and in 2 ranks.
They are up to 12 cm long and 2 cm wide and the edges are mostly smooth.
Both surfaces are a dull or whitish-green due to the hairs.
The hairs are stellate and both large and small.
Juvenile leaves are 3-lobed.

Inflorescences, opposite the leaves, have a few flowers up to 1 cm across.
The 5 sepals are white and densely hairy.
The 5 white or cream petals, up to 3 mm long, alternate with the sepals.
The petals are typical of Commersonia with a cup-like base and linear appendage.
The stamens, on short filaments, are inserted opposite the petals.
The red anthers open laterally via slits.

The 5 hairy, white staminodes alternate with the stamens.
There are 5 carpels and 5 stigmas.
Fruit are capsules up to 1 cm across.