Melastoma sanguineum

Melastoma sanguineum.

The Red melastome are shrubs or small trees up to 4 m high.
The branches and the 1 to 2 cm long petioles have scattered hairs and scales.
The ovate to lanceolate leaves are up to 20 cm long.
They have 5 distinct longitudinal veins and 2 faint intramarginal ones.
The hairs on the upper leaf surface lie flat.
The raised veins on the lower surface have some scales.

Terminal inflorescences have up to 7 flowers on stalks around 12 mm long.
The bracts and bracteoles fall off early.
The flowers differ from other Melastomas by having parts in 6’s.

The hypanthium and the 6 sepal lobes are covered in flat scales.
The pointed lobes are up to 1 cm long.
The pink to purplish petals can be nearly 5 cm long.

There are 12 stamens in 2 sets of 6.
The 6 shorter, yellow stamens have anthers about 10 mm long.
The 6 longer stamens have 12 to 15 mm long anthers.
These have 2 mm long yellow appendages at the base.
The fruit have 6 locules each with many tiny seeds.