Family Myrtaceae > Subfamily Myrtoideae > Tribe Myrteae.
After many species were transferred to other genera such as Gossia, most sources
    recognise 4 species although some list 6 or more.
Austromyrtus dulcis, A. glabra and A. tenuifolia are native to Queensland and N. S. W.

They are shrubs or trees with simple opposite leaves on petioles.
Stipules may be absent or they are tiny and fall off early.
The blades may have sparse to dense hairs underneath.
The oil glands can be sparse or dense, translucent or not and visible on both surfaces or just below.

The axillary flowers may be solitary or in variously arranged clusters.
They have parts in 4’s or 5’s.
The hypanthium can be shaped like a bell, urn or a top.
The small sepals usually persist on the fruit.

There are numerous stamens in 2 or more whorls.
The anthers open through long slits.
The inferior ovary has 2 or 3 locules each with 2 to 20 ovules.
The fruit are berries with 1 to a few small seeds.