Phalaenopsis amabilis

Phalaenopsis amabilis.

This species occurs in Queensland and many Phalaenopsis seen commercially
    in Australia are hybrids of it.

It has thick fleshy roots, and an often drooping stem.
Each stem has 3-5 broad dark green, leathery leaves up to 50 cm long and
    oppositely arranged.

Axillary inflorescences, sometimnes branched, are erect or slightly drooping
    and range from a few cms to 1m long.
Each can have a few or dozens of white flowers.
Native plants have flowers in a range of sizes and perianth and lip shapes.

The lateral sepals are ovate with a pointed tip while the dorsal is elliptic with a blunt tip.
The rounded lateral petals have a narrow base.

The lip has three lobes with the lateral lobes being rounded.
The middle lobe can be long or short, narrow or wide and has 2 long, curling tendrils.

Sepals and lateral petals are pure white while the yellowish-white lip has red
    spots and lines at the base.