Passiflora subpeltata

Passiflora subpeltata – White passionflower.

Family Passifloraceae.
The white passion flower is naturalised in S.E. Queensland.
It grows as a climbing vine or a creeper.
The 5 m long stems sometimes have hairs.
There are unbranched, axillary tendrils.
There are ovate stipules up to 4 cm long with a short, pointed tip.
The bases are round or heart-shaped.

The alternate leaves are on petioles up to 6 cm long.
The petioles have 2 or more glands.
The leaves, up to 10 cm long and wide, have no hairs.
The blade is cleft into 3 lobes with abrupt, short pointed tips (mucros).
There are glands at the base of the clefts.

Axillary flowers are on stalks up to 6 cm long.
There are small bracts and bracteoles.
The white flowers are around 5 cm across.
The 5 sepals and 5 petals are around 2 cm long.
There is a projection up to 1 cm long under the outer tip of the sepals (a horn).

The 2 cm long fruit ripen from green to yellow.