1 Grevillea inflorescences

Grevillea inflorescences.

Gardening Australia’s ‘Flora’ divides them into 3 groups plus a miscellaneous group.

1. Banksii group.
These are hybid cultivars of G. banksii and G. bipinnatifida or G. banksii and taller species
    such as G. sessilis or G. pteridifolia.
All have leaves that are deeply dissected with narrow lobes.
Dense bottle-brush like inflorescences have the flowers concentrated on the upper side.
Colours include red, pink, deep or pale orange, yellow, pink with cream tips, cream and apricot.

2. Rosmarinifolia group.
These are from G. rosmarinifolia, G. juniperina and similar species.
Up to 2.5 m high with small, simple, blue-green or grey-green leaves.
Flowers can be cerise, red, pink, red with yellow tips, orange-red and red with cream.

3. Toothbrush group.
Cultivars of numerous species all with toothbrush type inflorescences.
These are prostrate to erect shrubs up to 5 m high.
Leaves are simple, lobed, dissected or toothed.
Flowers are densely clustered on one side of the inflorescence.
They come in red, crimson, orange, purplish and red with pink.