Rosa ‘Dupontii’

Rosa ‘Dupontii’.

Rosa ‘Dupontii’ is possibly a hybrid of Rosa moschata the Musk rose.
‘Snowbush’, 2 to 3 m high has arching weekly climbing stems with some almost straight prickles.
The shiny grey-green deciduous leaves, mostly with 5 leaflets are 7 to 8 cm long.
They have a toothed edge and fine hairs on the lower surface.

Inflorescences are a solitary flower or a small cluster.
Flowers are on a pedicel with fine hairs and glands that may extend onto the receptacle.
There are 5 sepals with a lobed edge and glands.
The flat to cup-shaped flowers are around 7 cm across.
Petals open a pale cream sometimes with a pink tint then fade to white.
There are numerous prominent yellow stamens and a single style.
Plants only flower once a year and the oval hips are orange-red.