Rosa banksiae cultivars

Rosa banksiae cultivars.

See Rosa > Wild or Species roses for details of Rosa banksiae.

As noted before there are tens of thousands of rose hybrids and cultivars.
Only a small percentage have been patented meaning many lack the usual rigorous descriptions and how they differ from the closest similar flowers.

Many Banksia roses sold just have a registered trademark.
This has resulted in the same rose being marketed under many different names.
Banksia roses are also sold under many of the synonyms noted in the species rose notes.

Cultivars have been developed to give plants with no thorns, more petals and repeat flowering over the season.
Listing them by petal colour is a simple way of describing them.

White flowers.
Plants up to 6 to 12 m high with single, semi-double, double or fully double white flowers.
Most flower once a season but a few have scattered flowers for the rest of the season.

Yellow flowers.
Plants to 6 m high with yellow, pale or deep yellow single or double flowers that bloom once a season.
There is also a once blooming fully double yellow one.

There are plants with cream semi- and fully-double flowers.

Pink flowers.
Small plants to 75 cm high with flushes of single or double red or violet-red flowers throughout the season.
Larger plants to 10 m high with rose-pink or deep pink double flowers that only flower once a season.

Bi-coloured flowers.
Other hybrids come with fully double pale yellow flowers with a deeper yellow centre; white flowers with a yellow centre and double white with pink tints.