Mussaenda various other

Mussaenda hybrids and cultivars.

There are dozens of these with many thought to be crosses between
    M. erythrophylla and M. philippica and possibly M. frondosa.
Some of the hybrids have then been crossed back with one of the parents.
Some cultivars involve a Pseudomussaenda species.
Species plants tend to have only 1 sepal enlarged while the cultivars have more or all enlarged.

Cultivar sepals can be red, pink or white and the flowers red, white, yellow or orange.
This results in many cultivars being similar in appearance and sometimes given generic names
    such as Pink or White Mussaenda the colour depending on the sepals.

White Mussaendas.
These have white sepals and yellow to orange flowers and include species such as
    Mussaenda frondosa, M. pubescens and M. lutea.
Cultivars of M. philippica include “Donna Aurora”, “Tropic Snow”, “Snow Queen” and “Capricorn Ice”.

Pink Mussaendas.
This includes M. philippica cultivars such as “Queen Sirikit”, “Donna Luz” and var. “Dronk”.

Red Mussaendas include M. erythrophylla and M. “Capricorn Dream”.