In Family Solanaceae there are 150 to 200 species mainly from Central and South America.
They are mostly shrubs but there are some herbs.
They have simple or branched (not stellate) hairs but no prickles.
The leaves are alternate and entire with mostly 1 per node but sometimes two.

Axillary inflorescences are solitary or tight clusters of up to 10 flowers.
The clusters have no common peduncle or a rudimentary one.

The green calyx is distinctive and is cup-shaped with a flat top.
The 5 sepal lobes may be incorporated into cup or be visible as narrow lobes a few mms long.
In many species there are rounded projections (umbos) on the side of the cup between the lobes.
These may be of different lengths and sometimes extend past the rim giving the appearance of up to 10 sepal lobes.