Encephalartos sclavoi

Encephalartos sclavoi.

A native of South Africa the plants are on stems/trunks up to 1 m high.

The stiff leaves are up to 2 m long with a midrib that can be straight or slightly <br.
    curved and is occasionally twisted.

Leaves flat or slightly ‘V’ shaped in cross section.
They are pinnately divided into thick leaflets up to 25 cm long.

Leaflets are angled towards the tip of the leaf and their margins curve up slightly.
Some leaflets have a few teeth on their margins.

Leaflets are reduced to spines at the base.

Male and female plants can each have 1 or 2 cones with the females being on longer stalks.

The narrow yellow pollen cones are up to 25 cm long.

The ovoid female seed cones are up to 40 cm long and the seeds have a yellow coating.