Boletellus emodensis

Boletellus emodensis.

Basidiomycota > Agaricomycetes > Boletales > Boletaceae.
The shaggy cap is found on decaying wood and sometimes on the ground.

The cap is up to 10 cm across, hemispherical then convex or slightly flattened.
It is red or pale brown with raised, reddish areas on it.

These are initially discrete, compressed masses of fine hairs which separate to give the
    scaly or shaggy appearance.
There are large scales around the margin.

The flesh is pale and turns blue when damaged.

The yellow or greenish-yellow underside has tubes opening as pores.
This is a thick layer and is usually exposed under the cap.

The tubes are shorter around the stem.
The surface also bruises a blue colour.

Spore print is brown or olive-brown.

The stem is up to 15 cm high and 10 mm wide, cylindrical or club shaped.
Colour is variable – all pale, white with a pinkish tinge, brown or pink at the top and it
    may have longitudinal striations.

It looks similar to Boletellus ananiceps.