Lentinus arcularius

Lentinus arcularius.

Basidiomycota > Agaricomycetes > Polyporales > Polyporaceae.
There are nearly 30 synonyms including Polyporus arcularius and Boletus arcularius.

It grows on dead wood, solitary or in groups of 2 or 3, and causes white rot.

The mycelium is white.

The stem, up to 4 (6) cm high and 4 mm wide, is at or near the centre of the cap.
It is brown or yellow-brown, hairy or scaly.

The cap is 4 (7-8) cm across, convex, flat or with a shallow central depressoion.
It is pale tan with concentric zones of darker brown or yellow-brown scales and fibrils.

The margin has small hairs, up to 1 mm long, projecting from it.
When dry it is concentrically ridged.

The pores are white then brownish, hexagonal or angular and up to 2 mm long.
The radially arranged pores run onto the stem where they may be longer.

The walls between the pores are slightly incised.

Spore print is creamy white.