Parasola plicatilis

Parasola plicatilis.

The Pleated Inkcap.
Basidiomycetes > Agaricales > Psathyrellaceae.

These small mushrooms grow on soil, are commonly seen on lawns etc. and only last a few hours.

Young caps are ovate to almost cylindrical with the margin rolled in.
They are reddish-brown or yellowish-brown.
As they grow the caps expand to 25 – 30 mm, become convex then flat, sometimes with the edge
    rolled upwards and the colour changes to cream then greyish.

The caps are pleated except for the central area which is a smooth, brownish disc.
There are no veil remnants on the cap.
The caps do not liquefy, they just shrivel up.

The gills are attached to a collar around the stem.
Initially white or pinkish they darken to black.

The centrallly placed stem, up to 75 or 100 mm high, sometimes has a slightly swollen base when young.
It is very fragile being only about 3 mm thick.
The smooth surface is whitish with a pale brownish base.

The spore print is black.

J F.