Epacris longiflora

Epacris longiflora.

Fuchsia Heath is a straggly shrub up to 2 m high.
The ovate leaves are up to 17 mm long and nearly 7 mm wide.
They are a greyish-green with a pointed tip that makes them feel prickly.
The base is heart-shaped and the edge finely toothed.

Solitary flowers, in the leaf axils, tend to hang down.
They are on short stalks with bracts at the base.
The sepals are only 5 to 6 mm long.
The corolla tube is mostly red and the lobes are white.
The tube is over 12 mm long and can be up to about 25 mm.
The length distinguishes it from other Queensland species with shorter tubes.
The fruit are capsules.

Other species have white, pink or red flowers.
Anthers can be purple or cream.
Nectaries may be present at the base of the ovary.
The style persists into the fruit.