Family Ericaceae > Subfamily Ericoideae.
There are 500 to over 800 species that are commonly called heath or heather.
There are 3 naturalised species in S.E. Australia.

Most ericas are evergreen shrubs under 1.5 m high but there are some trees.
Leaves are described as alternate or in whorls of 3 or 4.
They are under 10 (15) mm long.
They can be flat, have the edge rolled under or be almost cylindrical.
There is only 1 main longitudinal vein.

Inflorescences are terminal or axillary with 1 to a few flowers.
The flowers are not erect and commonly hang down.
There are 2 or 3 bracteoles on their stalks.

There are usually 4 sepals fused at the base.
There are usually 4 (5) petals fused into a tube, bell or urn shape with spreading lobes.
There are usually 8 (10) stamens with anthers that have appendages at their base or tip.
The pollen is released via apical pores.
The superior ovary has a style and small stigma.