Galphimia gracilis

Galphimia gracilis.

Family Malpighiaceae.

Galphimia is an anagram of Malpighia.
There are 26 Galphimia species.

Galphimia gracilis known as Spray-of-gold or Gold Shower is very similar to G. glauca.
In G. glauca the petals persist in the fruit; in G. gracilis they fall off as the fruit matures.

They are widely cultivated, evergreen shrubs or small trees up to 2 m high.
There are flattened, reddish hairs on young parts but none when mature.
Leaves are opposite, up to 5 cm long on stalks up to 1 cm.
Blades are thin, pale green and ovate or elliptic.

Inflorescences are long terminal spikes.
The bright yellow flowers, 1 to 2 cm across, are on hairy stalks up to 12 mm long.
There are bracts and bracteoles, all a few mms long.

The 5 ovate sepals are 2 mm long.
There are 5 unequal petals with clawed (narrowed) bases.

The 10 red stamens have 2.5 mm long filaments with 2 mm anthers.
The ovary has 3 carpels each with 1 style.
The brown, globular fruit are capsules.

(The following specimen is labelled Galphimia gracilis.
The dead petals are attached but the fruit is still immature.
There are many flowers open in each inflorescence at the same time.)